sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

I live here, and I love it!

    For some time I wanted to teach you a little bit about the city where I live, some know that I live in South America, specifically in Venezuela, but I never said my city, I lived in a beautiful place called "Maracaibo", the name comes from a "Cacique" "Indigenous leader of the area. We all call it "La Tierra del Sol Amada" (The Land of the Sun Beloved), in allusion to the poem by the author Rafael María Baralt, which is associated with its sunny climate in almost the entire year, our maximum temperature is between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius all year.    
    In the layout below, I show you some of the most emblematic sites and monuments of the city, my favorite is the Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, which measures 8678 meters long and connects the city with the rest of the country, I have to pass this bridge all the days to go to my work, and I love that. This bridge is located on Lake Maracaibo, which has an area of  ​​13,820 km², and has the number 19 among the largest lakes in the world.  
    I hope you like my City, and at some point you can meet it!                                  
Have an excellent Saturday, Lisete.

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